Amplify your local business marketing

Ampure is your all-in-one marketing agency to help you simplify and grow your business.


Marketing with Results

What we will do for you

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Build your website

Work with our talented team to build your website that is perfectly optimized towards building your Google presence in a way that will actually bring in new customers. You don’t have to know about things like Schema markup, silos, or keyword density – we take care of all that for you. You own your site. We will help you build it, but should you ever choose to leave our services, your site is entirely yours and built with the newest and most widely used technologies available.
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Get more customers

Our agency was built to handle your most important online efforts so more people in your geographic area start finding your business. Our experts make sure we optimize your whole online presence to rank well in all local business listings, especially Google.
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Measure your results

Measure the results that actually matter for your business. We don’t share vanity metrics that don’t drive business, but rather focus on how many new customers you are getting and how many people are seeing your site.

Why is Ampure different from every other marketing company out there?

Results, visibility and no long-term contracts



Our entire focus is on growing your local business. We don’t offer enterprise services or go after the “big fish” - we built our entire product and team from the ground up with dentists in mind. You face unique marketing challenges and we know we can provide the best systems and services to help you succeed.


Rather than getting random ranking reports and “vanity” metrics about how many likes you have on Facebook - Ampure is dedicated to providing you data and analytics in a consumable format that will actually help you make better marketing decisions. Our data shows what is working and how it is impacting the number of new patients you’re getting every single day.

No Long-term Contracts

Our recurring services are all month-to-month. We care so much about you and your business, that we wouldn’t dream of committing you to a long-term contract. Multi-year commitments help everyone but the dental practice.